Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Appetizers

Yesterday I made it one of our new traditions to have Thanksgiving Dinner-Day appetizers mostly made up of seafood! I served shrimp with cocktail sauce, and Triscuits with creamcheese, smoked salmon & green onions. They were delicious! Although, my husband ate so much all day that he barely had room for actual Thanksgiving dinner. :P
There's no instructions or anything... it's pretty self-explanatory... :)
I just wanted to give out some ideas for your own appetizers!
- The first plate I made of the crackers I put chives from our herb garden (instead of green onion). Unfortunately the chive plant is fairly new and didn't have much to take from it (good thing we always have green onion!). Both were equally delicious! You could even take an easier route and just use Chive & Onion Cream-cheese (I only had original cream-cheese yesterday).

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