Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Meatless Monday is officially a GO!

My husband agreed that we should hop on board the "Meatless Monday" train, so it's official! Each Monday night I'm going to make a special post about our meatless menu. Even though it'll be hard to stick with, I'm so excited about it! I thought "Meatless Monday" was just some cute rhyming dinner theme that people put on their weekly menus; I had no idea it was a whole movement! If you haven't heard about it, or want to learn more about it, please visit http://www.meatlessmonday.com/ and sign the pledge!
Recipe Resources:
- On allrecipes.com I found this Vegetarian Edition "Twenty for Twenty". It's where you stock up on 20 ingredients, and then you can make these 20 recipes with the 20 ingredients! This will come in handy for me to get new vegetarian recipes (since I don't think I even have any!).
- On eatingwell.com there is an entire Vegetarian Meal Plan for an entire month. Breakfast, lunch, snack, aaand dinner! :)

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