Saturday, October 22, 2011

A whole new appreciation...

I'm on a total Chinese food kick lately, and I finally pushed through the intimidation of cooking a few new recipes! First off, (10/20/11') I made my favorite soup ever; Wonton Soup. It turned out pretty good, but of course I've had better. Practice makes perfect though! How will you ever know what works/what doesn't if you don't TRY?! My advice to everyone who's intimidated by using new ingredients and/or trying new recipes, JUST DO IT. You'll be surprised what you're capable of doing/making! And I have to say right now, I now know why Chinese take-out is so expensive! It's so tedious and time consuming! I'm so glad I actually tried it myself and now have total respect for the hands that make the delicious food I consume (when we get take-out). Also, how they get those flavors to blend so perfectly - I might never know. But as I said, practice makes perfect! This is definitely only the beginning of my journey into Ethnic recipe attempts!
I was contemplating typing up the recipe that I made up, but then realized there's no point since it wasn't that good. I just wanted to post about it since I'm so proud of myself! I've been wanting to try to make Wonton soup for yeeeeears but I've always been intimidated. I'm finally getting a little more comfortable trying new recipes and using new ingredients (example: fresh ginger root!). I'm going to be trying actual recipes (since the one I made up isn't as delish as it could be) and then I'll post the recipe/pics! It made a lot of wontons so I froze many of them and I'll pull out a bag here and there to make some wonton soup. I'd make some right now if I was stuffed beyond belief! (Tonight hubby BBQ'd burgers!)

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