Thursday, October 6, 2011

Well, talk about a big FAIL...

It's only Thursday and basically my whole weekly menu is already out the window! Today was supposed to be Eggplant Parmesan but I realized we have no Ricotta Cheese or Mozarella! Not only that, but I was starving and having an anxiety attack about food around 10am so I broke down and made my favorite comfort food - Spaghetti <3. After I ate the spaghetti I felt weird (3rd rimester Woes... tomato sauce gives me bad heart burtn right now). Anyway, since I knew I was over tomato sauce for now and we had no cheese anyways then my lasagna was a FAIL.
              I then saw that my pot roast (thawing in the frige) was already thawed, but that's not on the menu till 10/9! Well I'm weird about "old" food so I decided to make the pot roast before it went "bad" (so 10/9's dinner is ruined too). Then I remembered I had hamburger meat in the fride that I didn't want to go bad either so I made Sloppy Joes for the girls for dinner. That means 10/11's dinner is ruined too because now I have no ground beef for my Hamburger Helper! I have 2 chicken breasts in the frige that are now thawed also so atleast tomorrow's dinner is still on (Crunchy Onion Chicken). Tomorrow I also have to put the Tilapia in the frige to thaw out for the next night (which will be 10/8 - Seafood Saturday). The Basil-Pesto sauce I have is in the jar from Safeway (the brand is 'Classico') but I only bought it because I didn't know when I'd get my food processor in the mail. You'll be excited to know that it came today! My sister is the best! She ordered me one because she knew I've been wanting one so bad! I've been dying to try recipes that are food-processor-friendly, and now I finally can!!! I can't wait to make Basil-Butter, Pico De Gallo, and different fresh marinades for chicken & fish and such! MmMmM!
              Anyway, now I have to basicly re-do half of my menu so bare with me while I decide what to do...

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