Saturday, October 29, 2011

I must secretly be chinese...

My second recipe that I made up for Pork Wontons/Springrolls turned out fantastic!!!! I'm talking beyond fantastic! I took some of my wontons from the freezer and made some for lunch for my in-laws and they loved them! This is definitly my #1 Wonton recipe. I am sooooo excited! As/If you recall my first try was basically a FAIL. I didn't let that get me down though; I was determined to make some amazing Wonton Soup and damn it, that's just what I did! I'm so proud of myself :D .
I haven't fried up the Springrolls yet, but let me tell you right now - using actual Springroll wrappers from an asian market is essential! The texture is already so much better than using grocery store bought "Eggroll" wrappers. The liquor store I use to live by was owned by Chinese people and the wife made the best eggrolls you will ever taste in your entire LIFE. It was right by the High School so all the kids bought eggrolls everyday and that's probably how they make a lot of their income! They were indescribable! I can definitely tell she uses Springroll wrappers instead of regular eggroll wrappers. I'm thinking eggroll wrappers would be good for dumplings becuse they're thicker, but for a light crispy springroll? No. That's where Asian Markets come in handy!

When I walked into this Asian Market I just knew; I was home! I literally felt like I had found my calling in life! I'm pretty sure I'd move in if it didn't smell like dead fish. :P The variety of Asian foods were incredible! I couldn't believe my eyes! They had every type of noodle, beef, sauce... AHHH! I don't even know how to explain it! It was just life-changing for me, I swear! I'm in love! <3

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