Friday, December 2, 2011

Well, on to Plan-B...

Little did I know (as I've been planning my December menu for weeks now) that my husband works funky weird hours all December that totally messes up our dinner time routine. Usually at the latest he works till 8pm, but now he's going to get home around 10:30pm. Miserable, I know...
Now I have to either come up with dinners that are good when re-heated, or do what I did yesterday and make 2 totally separate dinners. That remind me... I have a quick simple "recipe" for you all (below). I will revise my weekly menu and post it later today.

Apricot-Mustard Chicken
Chicken Tenders (or Chicken Breasts cut into strips)
Apricot Preserves

All I do is throw some chicken tenders into a small glass baking dish, shake some salt/pepper over them, squirt some mustard over them, and put a huge spoonful of apricot preserves in there. Mix everything with your fingers (just squish everything around) and that's it. Bake at 400° for around 25 minutes and you have yourself some tangy-sweet chicken tenders! 

- I had 1 chicken breast thawed that I had to use up so all I used was 1 chicken breast cut into strips. That fed the girls and I. They don't really like chicken in the first place.
-I served it with a side of Chicken Rice-a-Roni and a side of canned Sweet Peas. Yum! 

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