Friday, December 2, 2011

Mexican Pizza's are easy and delicious!

I don't have to use a generic picture of a random Mexican Pizza when I put it my menu plan anymore! I finally made some Nov. 28th and took pics just for you. :) Do you see the beauty? I sure do! It tastes even better too! Yuuuuum!
Yellow Corn Tortillas
Oil (to fry the tortillas)
Cheddar Cheese
Re-fried beans
Pico De Gallo (click HERE for the post with for my own recipe)
Sour cream

1. Heat a few tablespoons of oil in a pan and fry 2 tortillas at one time - side by side. While that's happening, heat your beans either in the microwave or in a separate pan on the stove.
2. When your tortillas start to look crispy put your cheese on top of 1 tortilla. Add some of the beans on top of the cheese and place the second tortilla on top of the beans (like a bean & cheese "sandwich"). Transfer to a plate. 
3. You can then put whatever toppings you want on it! We love to put my Pico De Gallo, shredded lettuce, avocado and sour cream.

- You can put sauce inside before you "sandwich" your tortillas together too. My husband likes Taco Bell's Spicy Ranchero Sauce (you can get it at Walmart or wherever) so I put some in his before I closed it.

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