Thursday, September 29, 2011

Methods of meal planning...

I'm not quite sure what's right for me yet. I'll write all the ways I've come up with. Right now I'd say I'm more random than anything because I have so much food in this house! BUT since it becomes over-whelming I've been going with the weekly themes.

Different ways to meal plan

-Randomly: Based on what you already have in your house that you need/want to use up so you can save time and money.

-Weekly Ethnic Themes: Such as Mexican Monday, Asian Sunday, Italian Tuesday, etc.

-Weekly Food Themes: Such as Meatless Monday, Chicken Sunday, Soup/Salad Saturday, etc.

-Focused around 1 ingredient: Example- if you find a great price on a Value Pack of chicken breasts then incorperate a lot of chicken into all your weekly meals (lunches aaaand dinners!)

-By Cooking Method: Such as Grilling Friday, Oven Saturday, Slowcooker Sunday, Panini-Press Tuesday, etc.

-By Adjective: Such as Crunchy Thursday (maybe fried chicken), Cold Wednesday (maybe a fresh salad), Warm Friday (which would be anything baked and still warm when it got to the table), you get the idea.

-By Convinience: Busy on Saturdays? Make it Simple Saturday (maybe soup & grilled cheese, or pop a frozen pizza into the oven). Have a little more time on Wednesdays? Make something alittle more special that takes alittle more of your time and preperation.

-By Sales/Coupons: Gather all of your weekly ads (they usually run Wed.-Tue.) and compile your meals based on what's on sale and what you could use coupons on.

Those are all the ways I've come up with... what about all of you fellow food lovers!?

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